Name     Map Ref


Abbotswood  G4-14

Acorns F2-5

Alberoni D3-19

Allendale D3-3

Almeda House D2-5

Altnaharra G8-4

Amberley Grange A5-12

Amberley House A5-8

An Derow E4-16

Anchorage  E3-2

Apple Tree Cottage F9-5

Appleacre B7-1

Applegarth F8-8

April Cottage  No:3 E6-14

April Rise  No:9 E6-11

Arborfield B6-16

Arborfield House F5-14

Ardeevin H8-6

Arden House F9-18

Arena F9-17

Ashley E7-12

Ashley Lodge  No: 3a E7-20

Ashley View E7-11

Ashurst F4-10

Aspley End  No:5 B6-7

Avening B6-12


Babbling Brook G5-10

Badgers C9-5

Badgers Bend G6-1

Badgers Holt H5-2

Banjul G13-6

Banksia E4-17

Bankside  No:28 E7-15

Barn The H6-1

Barnhayes E4-7

Barns Close D0-4

Barnside  F9-23

Barrymore C4-2

Barton Rise  No:8 E6-15

Baycroft  No:1 D9-6

Bearswood H8-8

Beech Cottage  No:37 E8-37

Beech Croft A4-7

Beech End E5-6

Beech House C8-1

   (Windmill Lane)

Beech House F8-13

   (West Hill Road)

Beech Lodge E5-7

Beechcroft House G13-4

Beeches The  E3-1

   (Higher Broad Oak Road)

Beeches The  E8-2

   (West Hill Road)

Beechwood G4-13

Belbury Close E9-15

Belbury Cottage D4-14

Belbury End G11-3

Belbury Hayes G11-4

Belbury Hayes Cottage G11-5

Belbury View G9-8

Belmont E4-4

Belmont Lodge D10-2

Bendarroch House C9-16

Bendarroch Lodge  C9-12

Birchanger D3-5

Birchbank Cottage F4-13

Birches The G4-1

Birchleigh F8-6

Birchwood E4-10

Bishopsgate  A4-1

Blackmores G8-5

Blossoms The F5-19

Blue Cedars F4-11

Bluebell House D3-20

Boscage The  No:2 C6-5

Bower The E5-17

Brackenbed C9-14

Brakenmead F4-12

Bramble Cottage F2-7

Brambles H11-6

Bramblewood C3-3

Bramleys A6-2

Breaches H10-11

Breaside E9-14

Breckland  No:2  Two D7-5

Briars The Nos 1 & 2 C9-18

Briarscombe G9-16

Briarwood D3-14

Brick House Farm C7-1

Broad Hayes H11-1

Broad Oak Brake House H5-1

Broad Oak House C5-6

Broad Oak Lodge F5-11

Broadoak Barn  C6-7

Brook Cottage E6-4

Brook End G2-1

Brook Wood E6-5

Brooklands E5-15

Brooklynn House G8-16

Brookside Dell  F6-5

Bryanston House G11-2

Buchebroc H11-8

Burford Lea  No:2 B6-3

Burgage The  No:5 G5-3

Burnsall house C9-17

Burwood House D3-12

Byways G9-1


Calluna E8-12

Carlton House G10-14

Casa Mia  No:39 E8-39

Catalpa D10-1

Cedar Haven H11-3

Cedar Lodge G8-15

Cedardale  No:18 C7-5

Cervantes C9-7

Chaffcombe Lodge E8-6

Chapel End D0-10

Charnwood   No:11a  D7-23

Chaseley D3-2

Chenies D4-11

Cherry Cottage E9-11

Cherry Garth F8-10

Cherry Hinton F2-6

Cherry Lodge A3-4

Chertons  No:10 D8-9

Chilston House E9-6

Chilterns The E9-1

Cholmondley Cottage F3-7

Chorley Mill C6-1

Christmas Lodge D4-18

Church Cottage F9-20

Churchmead Higher F10-5

Churchmead Lower G10-17

Clematis  No:1 D6-14

Coach House The C9-15

Colonels The C6-9

Colthouse G10-20

Colwood E3-7

Conifers The  No:3 E7-8

  (Ashley Brake)

Conifers    A5-2

  (West Hill Road)

Copings H11-2

Copper Hayes E7-10

Copperfield Oaks H12-1

Coppins   E3-4

Copsewood House. H10-1

Cornercroft G8-8

Cottage Pie D0-2

Courtfield Close  Nos:1-12 D100

Cranford C4-3

Crantock F9-8

Creag Mhor E5-11

Crest E10-3

Croft The E9-17

Cuckoo Down B5-7

Cuckoo Down Farm H6-2

Culverwood G4-9


Daveen E9-23

Deck House The E5-9

Deep Meadows A4-6

Delamere C3-7

Dellmount A5-10

Dene F3-10

Devon Banks A6-3

Devon House A4-2

Dogwood G10-15

Dormie Four G4-10

Downalong F2-4

Downfield  No:1 E7-9

Downs D1-3

Downside F4-2

Driftwood F8-17


East Grange F11-2

Eastgate A6-11

Elmhurst F6-3

Elsdon View F8-16

Elsdon House & 8 flats G7-1

Emberlea D6-4

Eymore House B6-14


Fair View  No:1 D3-9

Fairacre G4-8

Fairfield House G8-10

Fairhaven No:1 E8-1

  (Beech Park)

Fairhaven A5-3

  (West Hill Road)

Felcourt C9-6

Felling The  No:3 B6-2

Fern House E8-8

Fernbank  G9-22

Fernley  No:3 C6-4

Fernwood G13-1

Finches G3-3

Fingehl A6-7

Fir Banks  (Castle Farm) G8-14

Fir Grove G8-13

Fir Lodge A3-5

Five Oaks E4-11

Flower Cottage F7-1

Ford Rise F6-7

Ford Spinney F6-10

Four   No:4   D5-4

Four Gables F4-9

Four Oaks C3-2

Four Pines  F4-3

Four Seasons C9-4

Four Ways G8-6

Four Winds E4-8

Fox Hollow G12-3

Foxenhole Lodge H10-10

Foxgloves D6-3

Foylings E5-13

Franton D4-6

Freshfields  (Castle Farm) H8-5

Furzelands D0-8


Gables The B6-11

Gap The G6-2

Garden House F9-11

Garden House The F2-1

Garden Side Cottage D0-13

Gardenside D0-14

Gatchell House G11-6

Glen Lodge  No:6 G5-2

Glen William G10-9

Glenhayes G10-8

Glenwood D4-20

Gorse Croft F9-7

Gorse Hayes G13-13

Gorselands F4-6

Grafton F8-19

Grange The B1-2

Gransden Gate  A6-10

Grasmere B6-13

Grass Roots C5-1

Grasshoppers D4-17

Great Brake A7-4

Great Oak  (No:2 Otter Close) D8-10

Green Banks G9-12

Green Hayes A4-5

Green Hollow F3-4

Greenacre B6-10

Greendale  No:11 E8-11

Greendene G11-1

Greenlands E0-4

Greenwood Lodge B5-4

Greytops E8-16


Hadworth  No:9 C6-14

Halcyon  No:19 C7-9

Harewood G9-24

Harley Thorne D3-4

Harwood Lea G10-4

Hasta la Vista C9-3

Hathersage House F1-4

Haven House D6-11

Haven The E5-3

Hawkins Cottage F5-4

Hawkswood G8-17

Haworth F8-2

Hawthorn Dene   E9-12

Hazeldene G9-25

Heath Hayes G11-9

Heather Park D0-1

Heatherbank  No:7 D7-7

Heatherbrae G7-2

Heather Down No: 11a D6-9

Heatherland  No:7 D6-20

Heathlands D1-1

Heathlands Cottage D2-1

Hedgerows B6-1

Hideaway C9-13

High Bank  (No:1 High Bank) E4-1

High Gate   G5-7

High Range A5-9

Highclere  No:5 E6-16

Higher Field E8-4

Higher Fluxton G1-1

Higher Keverall A5-4

Higher Metcombe Cottage D0-5

Higherlands G13-10

Highfield  F6-8

Highlands F9-10

Highoak  No:35 E8-35

Hilden H8-9

Hill Crest G3-2

Hillcroft D6-5

Hillside Nos:1-8  F10-0

Hollerfields D0-12

Hollies The F6-9

Holly Bank G8-12

Holly Hayes  No:4 D7-3

Holly Ridge A7-1

Holly Trees   No:2a E7-3

Homelea A5-11

Homemead H9-3

Hoppers  No:6 C5-5

Houndbeare House A8-1

Hunters Lodge C9-8

Hylands D4-1


Ingleside G9-15

Ithilien  No:4 D5-16


Jacquest  No:8 D8-8

Jamecha H4-3

Jays The E4-14

Justices B6-5


Kayandee   F5-2

Keverall A5-5

Keymer House F10-1

Kilderkins  No:7 D5-15

Kings Gatchell   F2-3

Kingswood D9-4

Knapp Cottage G3-5

Knapp Green G3-6

Koala F4-7


Laburnum Lee  No:1 E6-17

Ladymead G13-12

Lamorna  No:9 D7-9

Langstone A6-5

Langstone House G11-8

Lanyon  No:4 D4-5

Lark Rise   F8-9

Lark Rise  No:8   G4-3

Laurel Dene H10-8

Lawns The B6-15

Leafy Hollow G9-10

Lenfield D0-11

Leys The D3-6

Light House The H8-7

Lilac Cottage F9-4

Linaria H11-5

Lindridge G8-9

Lingfield D3-7

Linhay G9-14

Little Acorns  No:11 D6-1

Little Bowden F8-3

Little Brake A7-2

Little Brook E10-7

Little Copse  (Castle Farm) H8-2

Little Draycombe E10-8

Little Field G12-5

Little Glade G9-3

Little Mead F3-1

Little Oak F10-4

Little Orchard A6-4

Little Paddock A3-6

Little Pines H11-9

Little Portion F10-7

Little Stockleigh A7-3

Little Wotton E9-21

Littlecourt F5-15

Llanberis  No:3 F5-7

Long Acre E10-6

Long Barton D0-15

Long Drive  No:4a F5-20

Long Hanney  No:13 E8-13

Longdown  No:1 E5-19

Longmead G5-6

Longreach G9-4

Longridge   A5-1

  (Exmouth Road)

Longridge    F5-3

  (Hawkins Lane)

Lonsdale G4-5

Lorian Lodge G13-8

Lorrenden House C5-7

Lowena House C9-9

Lower Mead  No:51 E8-51

Lowland Cottage G13-9

Lowlands Farm G13-11

Lyndale F9-3

Lyngrove D3-18

Lynwood  No:12 D6-2


Maggie Tosh D10-5

Magnolia Cottage F1-6

Magpies   5 E8-5

Malham F10-3

Malmvall  No:1 D5-20

Manyana D6-22

Manyberries F4-1

Maple Court  No:1 F5-5

Maple Lodge  No:5 E7-6

Maraetai   No:11 E7-14

Marden    E3-5

Mariners E8-10

Martin Hayes G9-23

McColl's Store & Post Office E8-0

Meadow Cottage F10-8

Meadow Mead G2-2

Meadowbrook F6-6

Meadowgate C6-10

Melrosa  No:7 E8-7

Melverley G9-7

Meon Croft   G10-19

Mere House   F10-6

Merrow Cottage E4-12

Merrow Croft F1-5

Metcombe Brake D0-7

Metcombe Cottage F1-1

Metcombe Court C1-1

Metcombe House F1-2

Micheldene  No:2 D4-3

Milestone House D6-12

Mill House G9-20

Mole End  No:20 C7-2

Moondarra F5-12

Moor The G9-6

Moorlands Copse D9-2

Moorlands Orchard D9-3

Mount Houlditch Farm F13-1

Mulberry  No:2 F5-6

  (Pinefield Close)

Mulberry   E3-3

  (Sanctuary Lane)

Mulberry House  F9-6

Mulberry Lodge (No:3 Otter Close) D8-12


Nanparah Lodge D2-4

Needles F4-4

Needlewood C6-2

Newlands G4-12

Nod Cottage B11-1

Noirmont  No:23 C7-4

Nook The F9-2

Northfield House G6-3

Northwood No:9  E8-9

  (Beech Park)

Northwood F10-2

  (Bendarroch Road)

Nutwood   E4-15

  (Hawkins Lane)

Nutwood  No:5 D6-18

  (Heather Grange)


Oak Bank E4-6

Oak Croft A7-5

Oak Down F8-15

Oak Gates G4-2

Oak Hayes F4-8

Oak Lodge E5-16

Oak Side G10-10

Oakapple House G8-18

  (Lower Broad Oak Road)

Oakapple House G12-2

  (Toadpit Lane)

Oakdene  E5-8

Oakdene  No:13 D8-4

Oakenrod H11-4

Oakland House A5-7

Oakleigh  No:1 D4-2

Oakleigh House C9-10

Oaklie G8-2

Oakridge House C3-8

Oaks The E8-14

Oaksend F2-2

Oakside  No:23 D9-12

Oakwell E4-2

Oakwood C3-5

Oasis H12-4

Octave The  G9-2

Oddacre  No:4  E6-9

Old Orchard The F8-20

Old Post Office The G10-6

Old School House The E9-18

Old School The E9-19

Old Stable C9-19

Old Vicarage The F9-22

Old Village Hall H10-6

Orchard Corner H10-9

Orchard Cottage   E4-3

  (Higher Broad Oak Road)

Orchard Cottage F8-12

  (Lower Broad Oak Road)

Orchard House E10-9

(Bendarroch Road)

Orchard House G3-1

  (Lower Broad oak Road)

Orchard House C6-11

  (West Hill Road)

Ottery Close A3-3

Outalong F3-2

Overdale E7-13

Owls Roost E5-14


Paddock The B5-6

Paguera  No:6 E7-5

Panorama A6-9

Parsonage House E9-22

Pavilion House F6-1

Pavilion The   F6-4

Paxfield E4-5

Pebbles E10-2

Pennyfield C6-8

Pentafield F9-15

Pentlands G9-9

Perrimead    E5-2

Perry Lodge D7-17

Perrys D7-16

Perrys Manor  Flats 1-4 D8-7

Petitor  No:5 E9-10

Pikes Farm E2-1

Pilgrims Rest G9-17

Pindari F5-16

Pine Bank  no number D6-6

Pine Lodge  No:5 D9-9

Pine Trees C4-1

Pinecroft   E5-4

Pinefield House  No:4 F5-8

Pinegrove H4-2

Pinehayes  F3-11

Pinehayes Lodge F2-9

Pines The H11-7

Pinewood  D9-5

  (Bendarroch Road)

Pinewood   C3-6


Pinewood Grove  No:1 D9-10

Pinewood Grove  No:2 D9-11

Pinnerwood D3-11

Pipers Gate  No:3 D3-10

Plantation H4-1

Potters Elm G11-7

Prickly Pear House C9-1

Primrose Cottage D9-1

Pygthle The G5-8


Quest The G10-16


Reddings The D3-1

Redwood C9-2

Rest Awhile H8-1

Rest Harrow  No:9 D8-6

Restharrow E9-24

Rheidol B5-3

Ridge House A4-3

Ridgecroft  No:5 D5-17

Ridgemont G8-7

Ridings The F9-19

Rivendell  No:20 E6-19

  (Ashley Brake)

Rivendell F5-9

  (Lower Broad Oak Road)

Robin Orchard G9-13

Rockholme G10-3

Rose Ash  No: 9   C3-4

Rose Cottage   D3-17

  (Higher Broad Oak Road)

Rose Cottage  E0-1

  (Metcombe Road)

Rose Cottage  G10-5

  (West Hill Road)

Rosebank  No:6 D6-19

Rosedale F8-7

Rosemorran A6-6

Rowans The G5-4

Royal British Legion E9-20

Russett Rise E0-2

Rustlings H10-2

Rylands F4-5


Salehurst F3-5

Saltwhistle G7-3

Samguri G9-18

Sanctuary The    E3-6

Satchels E9-16

Sdurare D3-15

Sedgebrook  No:22 E7-19

Selangor  No:16 E6-18

Seven  No:7 E7-18

Seven Berries  No:7 E6-12

Sheen B1-1

Shenne C5-3

Shenstone E10-1

Shepherd's Cottage E10-5

Sherbrooke G8-3

Silvania E4-13

Silver Birches  G9-19

  (Bendarroch Road)

Silver Birches   F9-16

  (West Hill Road)

Silver Lea F5-18

Silverwood D3-13

South Brook G5-9

South Oak A3-1

South Riding G4-11

Southernhay F3-6

Southfields Farm E0-3

Southlea F3-8

Spindle Tree Cottage G9-5

Spindle Wood  No:9 D5-9

Springcombe Cottage H10-3

Springfield House C7-6

Springs The    F2-8

Squirrels Wood H10-4

Squirrels  (Castle Farm) H8-3

Squirrels Drey D4-10

Squirrels Leap  F3-3

  (Lower Broad Oak Road)

Squirrels Leap  E9-3

  (Potters Close)

St Marys View G10-1

St Michaels Church F10-0

Star  C5-4

Starwood B5-1

Stones House G3-4

Stoney Croft  No:2 E6-10

Stowe Lodge  No:11 C5-2

Strathnairn G13-7

Stretton Lodge D5-14

Stuckeys House G9-11

Summercourt Cottage F9-1

Summercourt House F8-1

Summerhill D2-2

Sundowner Lodge D2-3

Sunny Corner  (No:1 Otter Close) D8-11

Sunnycroft D3-21

Sutton Lodge H9-1

Sylvan House F8-18

Sylvaways E3-9


Tale End  F11-1

Tall Pines  No:16 C7-11

Tanglewood G4-4

  (Hawkins Lane)

Tanglewood  No:11 C6-12

  (Heather Grange)

Tarka's Holt G12-1

Tatry A6-1

Terrigal F9-13

Tethers End  No:10 D5-10

Thistledown D4-21

Thrushes Anvil C9-11

Tifundle H12-3

Timbercroft G5-5

Timbers  (Castle Farm) H8-4

Timbertops E9-4

Tiptonlee A4-4

Toad Hall Cottage G10-7

Toad's Folly G13-3

Toadpit Cottage G10-18

Toorak D4-8

Touch Wood  No:3 D4-4

Treasbeare D4-12

Treeferns E3-8

Trees D4-9

Treetops F5-13

  (Ford Lane)

Treetops  No:5 D4-16

  (High Bank)

Treetops  E9-2

  (Potters Close)

Treetops  G13-2

  (Toadpit Lane)

Treetops Lodge D5-13

Trelowen   F1-3

Trenell G4-7

Tridoric  No:6 E6-13

Tudor Lawns E6-6

Tudorwood Meadow C5-8

Tuftbury E6-2

Twiga  No:2 D9-7

Ty-Canol F9-14

Tylers D4-22


Uplands  No:3 D7-4


Uplands  E5-1

  (Higher Broad Oak Road)

Upper Linhay B10-1

Upton Lodge F5-17

Upwey A5-6


Valleys Meet E5-10

Vee The G10-2

Venn Hayes D0-6

Vicarage The F9-21

Vistan D10-3


Warehouse The G13-14

Warren Cottage E7-7

Warren The E6-7

Watersmeet F5-10

Weggis Farm A3-7

Well House The B6-9

West Catalpa D10-9

West Dene F9-9

West Hill Court D10-4

West Hill Garage H10-5

West Hill Primary School D7-0

West Hill Village Hall E7-0

West Lodge F8-5

Westbrook Cottage D0-9

Westbrook Farm House   No:1 D0-3

Westbrook Farm House   No:2 D0-16

Westcourt F8-4

Westhayes C7-12

Westhayes Cottage No:1 D7-2

Westhayes Cottage No:2 D7-1

Westlands E5-5

Westleas A6-8

Westwood H12-2

Westwood Lodge D3-8

Whinhurst  No:14 E7-17

Whirlow E4-9

White Chimneys F9-12

White Farm Cottage D4-15

White House  D6-10

  (West Hill Road)

White House The  No:4 D9-8


White Lodge   E9-13

Whiteoaks E6-1

White Orchid  No:10 C6-13

Whitegates F5-1

WI Hut  H10-7

Widcombe B5-2

Willow Cottage  G10-12

Willow Dene F3-9

Willows The  No:8 D5-8

Windrush  No:4 E7-21

Winterfold  No:7 G5-1

Wistaria D4-7

Wisteria Lodge C7-7

Withenlea  No:10 D7-13

Wood View G10-13

Woodbines E5-12

Woodcote No:11 D6-7

Woodend  No:8 D6-21

Woodhayes C3-1

Woodland Dell G10-11

Woodlands   E5-18

  (Birch Grove)

Woodlands D3-16


Woodlands  G13-5

  (Toadpit Lane)

Woodlee E8-3

Woodpeckers F8-14

Woodside G4-6

Woodsley F6-2

Woodstock F7-2

Woodthorpe A3-2

Wrenswood G8-11

Wurlie G8-1

Wurlie House G7-4

Wychwood E6-3

Wyke House H9-2

Wynd-y-Nook E10-4

Wyndhams D5-19

Wynford G8-19


Yalumba  No:11 D8-5


Zephyrs The F8-11



Unnamed  G5-9