Both residents and visitors will quickly notice that West Hill has very few house numbers, with the majority of homes addressed by name and street.  This can cause issues and delays, especially with deliveries. With the invaluable assistance of Architect, Alan Cook, the West Hill Residents’ Association (WHRA) produced its first map in 2000, suitably called the Millennium Map.  This proved to be very popular, with over 1000 copies distributed.  

Over the last decades, there have been many additions to the housing stock, as well as new owners changing the name of their property, necessitating an update to the original map.  This was done in 2011 and a new version produced, with copies distributed to all WHRA members and additional copies available from McColl’s post office.  

West Hill attained Parish status in 2017 and the Parish council produced a new version of the map, including all updates to the end of that year.  This was distributed to every household in West hill, with additional copies available from the post Office in McColl’s.

The map is produced on heavy quality glossy paper, is of A2 size, folded to a pocket convenience of 8¼  by 4 inches (21x10 cm).

As mentioned, West Hill is a dynamic village and still growing. To accommodate this, we maintain a list of changes, which are incorporated in the electronic version below and will be the basis of the next printed edition of the map.  

To allow updates to your printed map, a list of the changes over the last year can be viewed on this link.

Archived changes since 2019 are available here

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Below is the up to date electronic version of the West Hill Map, with its associated index.

Hover your cursor over map to get magnified image, zoom in/out with mouse wheel.

In the index (if your browser supports it) Ctrl/F on the keyboard will open a search box to rapidly locate the required house, thus providing the map coordinates to find the property on the new updated map.  It is also useful to find the name of a house by entering the map coordinates, hence locating the property name.

Map Index