The World of Opera                                            

A series of illustrated music appreciation talks by Peter Clarke concentrating mainly on Music Theatre ; Opera, Light Opera Operetta and even the classic American Musical.

Talks are held at the Royal British Legion in West Hill usually each month on a Thursday afternoon from 2.00pm to 4.00pm with a half-way tea interval. These talks are free except for a small charge of £2.00 to cover the cost of providing the tea service.  

Music Appreciation 2020

Thursday 13th February: “Mozart, the Man and his Music’. The world’s favourite composer, but how much do we know about his short life and his astonishing musical output?

Thursday 9th April:  ”Richard Wagner”.  Some regard Wagner’s music as heavy, overstated and challenging. But he wrote some of the most emotional, exciting and lyrical music of the 19th century and, born the same year as Giuseppe Verdi, pioneered a new approach to opera.  

Thursday 17th September:  “Viva Verdi”   Giuseppe Verdi’s life spanned most of he 19th century. We explore the richness of the great master’s music and the background against which it was written.

Thursday 12th November:  The American Musical 1927 – 1965.

For almost 40 years, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Frederick Lowe and Richard Rodgers dominated the world of popular Music Theatre. This afternoon we look at, and enjoy their great legacy.

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