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WHWG List of meetings to June 2020


January 14th (Tues) Remarkable Women in Devon, a talk by John Fisher.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

February 12th (Wed) Reflections of a career in

Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service, a talk by

Alan Ingle CMG.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

March 19th (Thurs) The Macular Society, a talk by Judy Pride.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

April 14th (Tues) Gardeners’ Question Time, with Janet Andrew, Pauline Mulligan and Muff Dudgeon. Questions to be submitted by Tues 7th April.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

May 13th (Wed) AGM followed by mini quizzes.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

June 11th (Thurs) The Blitz in Exeter, a talk by Clive Russell, an Exeter Red Coat Guide.

Venue: RBL 10.30am

(RBL = Royal British Legion, School Lane, West Hill)

Covid-19 ALERT -- All meetings cancelled till further notice 16/4/2020

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