With the recent addition of the Bendarroch Road area, now the whole of West Hill has high speed fibre broadband connectivity! Please let us know if there are any black spots still.  You can check your availability on line by clicking this link and entering your post code.

Have you taken advantage of this service? If so do you think that the additional cost for fibre is value for money?

It has been a hot topic in the village for some time and we would be very interested to find out what the take up is and the level of satisfaction with the service.  Whether or not you have subscribed, we would appreciate your taking a couple of minutes to fill in the attached short survey.  This will give us the data to claim success or alternatively badger the powers that be to get required improvements.  The survey can be anonymous, but we would appreciate your post code to identify any geographic anomalies.

Please be aware that West Hill is served by the central exchange in Ottery and up till now, all phone connections were over copper wires with their inherent distance limitation on speed, this limitation does not apply to fibre connections - BUT you will still have a copper connection from your house to the fibre cabinets in the village at the junction of Toadpit Lane and West Hill Road (#2), War Memorial (#8) and Eastfield double roundabout (#6); this will impact the speed available to you, but should be between 15 and 39Mbps - still a considerable improvement on the ADSL all copper speeds.  For a down to earth description of the fibre technology to both the cabinet (FTTC) and to the home (FTTH) try this link.


This map shows the results of the survey to date with the speed obtained by the post code area.  We welcome all residents to enter their speed via the survey form above so the village can get an overall picture of the current broadband coverage.

To see the map in more detail, simply hover your mouse over it.  You can also zoom in further via the mouse wheel.

Updated 3/10/2019

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