The current edition of the printed West Hill Village Map was published in May 2011. Since then there have been some new building developments and name changes. This page enables you to update your map if you wish and corrects a few errors. All postcodes begin with EX11, so just the last 3 characters are given as in the existing map index; map references are also in the same format as used in the index. Please note that the printed map published in 2000, Millennium Year, is now well out of date so should no longer be used.

New builds and the other changes detailed below are still relevant for updating your 2011 map.

New Buildings:

Ardeevin (reference H8-6), Lower Broad Oak Rd, built on old Tilebarn site; 1UF
Ashley Lodge, No: 3a, Ashley Brake, 1TW, (reference E7-20) built in east garden of The Conifers, Ashley Brake; 1TW
Babbling Brook (new reference G5-10) Opposite The Rowans, Lower Broad Oak Road

Bearswood, Lower Broad Oak Rd, (reference H8-8), built on old Tilebarn site; 1UF
Beech House, West Hill Rd,( reference F8-13) is new house built at rear of Gorse Croft (F9-7); 1TU
Colthouse, (reference G10-20) built almost opposite the Garage, West Hill Road; 1TP
Cornercroft, house on old Corner Croft site, same reference G8-8, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1UB
Daveen, Bendarroch Rd, (reference E9-23), old bungalow demolished and new house built; retains name; 1UR
Driftwood, (reference F8-17), new house NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY
Elsdon View (reference F8-16) built on east side of Mariners, West Hill Road; 1TY
Foylings, Ford Lane, (reference E5-13), name change was Foxholes; 1XE
Gorse Croft, West Hill Rd, F9-7, new bungalow (same name) replaces old at front of plot; 1TU
Grafton, (reference F8-19), built NE of Driftwood, West Hill Road; 1TY
Grange, The (reference) B1-2, built at end of Sheen Lane; 1SH
Haven House, (reference D6-11), behind White Lodge, West Hill Road; 1UZ
Hawkswood (reference G8-17) built beside Holly Bank, Lower Broad Oak Rd; 1UF
Hazeldene, (reference G9-25) built behind Highlands, West Hill Road; 1TU
Ingleside, (reference G9-15), West Hill Rd, name change was Woodpeckers; 1TU
Knapp Green, (reference G3-6) built next to Knapp Cottage, Lower Broad Oak Road,1XH
Light House,The, Lower Broad Oak Rd, (reference H8-7) built on old Tilebarn site; 1UF
Linhay, (reference G9-14) built adjoining Barnside (F9-23), West Hill Road; 1TU
Little Draycombe (reference E10-8), built behind Pebbles E10-2, Bendarroch Rd; 1UR
Little Field (new reference G12-5) North of Oasis, Toadpit Lane

Maggie Tosh (reference D10-5) built in east garden of Catalpa, Bendarroch Rd; 1JX
Mañana is now the new house at D6-22, Higher Broad Oak Rd; 1XD. House at D6-8 which was Mañana is now No: 16 Warren Park
Northfield House (reference G6-3) new house under construction, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1XQ
Oakapple House,(reference G8-18) new house on old Cornercroft site, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1UB
Oak Down (reference F8-15) built behind Crantock, West Hill Road; 1TU
Orchard House (new reference E10-9) West of Shepherd’s Cottage, Bendarroch Road

Oasis (reference H12-4) new build on old Littlefield site, Toadpit Lane; 1TR
Old Orchard, The (reference F8-20), new house on east side of West Lodge, Elson Lane: 1TZ
Parsonage House, (reference E9-22), built on old Rucel site, Bendarroch Road; 1UR
Rose Ash, (reference C3-4), Brackendown, name change was Endrick; 1NT
South Brook (new reference G5-9) Opposite Rivendell, Lower Broad Oak Road

Sunnycroft (new referenceD3-21) East of Birchanger, Higher Broad Oak Road

Sylvan House, (reference F8-18), new house NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY
Warehouse The (new reference G13-14) North of Lorian Lodge, Toadpit Lane

West Catalpa (new reference D10-6) West of Catalpa, Bendarroch Road

White House, (reference D6-10), new house on old White Lodge site, West Hill Rd; 1UZ
Woodpeckers (reference F8-14) built behind Crantock, West Hill Road; 1TU
Woodstock (reference F7-2) new house built NE side of Greytops, West Hill Rd; 1TY
Wurlie House (reference G7-4) new house, Lower Broad Oak Road, 1UD
Wynford (reference G8-19) new house on old Cornercroft site, Lower Broad Oak Road; 1UB

New Roads:

Eastfield Gardens D8

Eastfield Orchard C7

Hawthorne Close D7

Hayes End C7 to C8

Oak Tree Gardens C8

Name Changes:

Catbells, West Hill Road, A5-7 is now Oakland House. Delete map reference A5-13.
Endrick No:9 Brackendown is now Rose Ash, C3-4
Foxholes, Ford Lane, E5-13 is now Foylings
Khayalethu, West Hill Road, C6-10 is now Meadowgate
Littlefield, Toadpit Lane, H12-4 is now Oasis
Valhala, West Hill Road, G9-17 is now Pilgrims Rest
Waylands, Birch Grove, C5-2 is now Stowe Lodge
Whispering Firs, Ford Lane, F5-17 is now Upton Lodge
White Lodge, West Hill Road, D6-10 is now White House
White Oaks, Higher Broad Oak Road, E6-1 is now one word, Whiteoaks
Woodpeckers, West Hill Road, G9-15 is now Ingleside

Postcode Corrections:

Beech Cottage, 37 Beech Park, E8-37 should be 1UG
Birchleigh, Elsdon Lane, F8-6 should be 1TZ
Conifers, 3 Ashley Brake, E7-8 should be 1TW
Conifers, West Hill Rd, A5-2 should be 1UZ
Flower Cottage, off Elsdon Lane, F7-1 should be 1TZ
Heatherdown, Heather Grange, D6-9 should be 1UZ
Old School The, Bendarroch Rd, E9-19 should be 1UW
Warren Cottage, E7-7 should be 1TY
Westhayes, off Eastfield, C7-12 should be 1UZ

Corrections and Additions to Map:

Please see the online map on this web site for the locations of new references.

There are a few corrections needed to the printed 2011 map, as follows:
Add a “1” to map in square E10 in unnumbered plot immediately to left (west) of E10-2; this is Shenstone, E10-1, Bendarroch Rd, 1UR; index list is correct.
Courtfield Close Nos:1-12, should be just D10 in index, not D100
Hilden, off Lower Broad Oak Rd is not H8-7; add a “9” to map just below track and FP mark;
Hilden is now H8-9, EX11 1UE; index list needs changing
Old Stable, Windmill Lane, map ref should be C9-19, not C9-15
References H8-6, H8-7, and H8-8 positions are all on old H8-6 site

If you know of any other changes or errors please let me know: